Want to become the next High Scorer for Grade 1 ABRSM Exam just with 1 Month

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Your Grade 1 Exam is just around the corner. Do you wish to excel in your very 1st exam & make it a memorable one. 

More than 300 professional videos ready to start off your learning journey with tons of engaging fun games, quizzes & many more !!


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[mycred_link amount=5 href="https://musikinder.com/examiners-dream/" target="_blank"]Examiner's Dream[/mycred_link]


Examiner’s Dream

by Music Exam

  Do you want to impress the Examiner with your playing? Here is the Examiner’s Dream: Charm my heart with your scales. Entice my ear with your arpeggios. Love me with your chromatics. Woo me with your diminished 7ths. Caress me with your double-thirds. Twine your dominant 7ths round my soul. Thrill me with your


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