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MusiKinder ArtSkool has been growing & flourishing since 1997, and in the past 20 years we have been featured at least 31 times by the news & media. These include applause for our concert recitals, workshops and our bright students, who have won many prestigious competition awards and earned collaborations through their skills.What our music & art students are capable of? Please take your time to view their colourful artworks or performance!

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联合早报: 得奖作品描绘教育的压力与无力 2012
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MediaCorp: Channel 8 2012
Newspaper New.031
MediaCorp: OKTO Singapore Arts Festival 2011
Newspaper New.030
MediaCorp: Channel 8 大小喇叭看时事 2011
Newspaper New.029
My Paper: Paintings Honour Leaders’ Mark on History’s Canvas
Newspaper New.028
Channel NewsAsia: Paintings Unveiled in Tribute to S’pore’s
Newspaper New.027
Channel NewsAsia: Paintings in Tribute to S’pore’s Pioneering
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联合早报: 10先驱政治领袖将入画 2010
Newspaper New.025
The Straits Times: Art to honour ‘Pioneering 10’ 2010
Newspaper New.024
联合早报: 小画家捐画筹款 2010
Newspaper New.023
The Straits Times: Crafting Acts of Kindness 2010
Newspaper New.022
联合早报: 两名最佳新秀艺术奖得主 2010
Newspaper New.021
联合早报: 五岁小画家三次办个人画展 2005
Newspaper New.020
Slovenia: Mladi slikarji na Starem 2005
Newspaper New.019
Today: Discovered by Accident 2005
Newspaper New.018
Mediacorp: CNN 2004
Newspaper New.017
早安你好: MusiKinder音乐会系列八 2004
Newspaper New.016
早安你好: MusiKinder音乐会系列八 2004
Newspaper New.015
MediaCorp: channel 8 2004
Newspaper New.014
南洋商报: Concert Recital 2000
Newspaper New.013
星洲日报: Concert Recital 2000
Newspaper New.012
南洋商报: Concert Recital 1999
Newspaper New.011
星洲日报: Music Workshop 1999
Newspaper New.009
联合早报: Children Music Concert 1998
Newspaper New.008
The Straits Times: Jingle and Jangle 1998
Newspaper New.007
The Straits Times: Music and Puppetry by Youngsters 1997
Newspaper New.006
联合早报: Children’s Day 1997
Newspaper New.005
联合早报: Children Music Workshop 1997
Newspaper New.004
南洋北马: Children Music Workshop 1997
Newspaper New.003
联合早报: Children Appreciation Concert 1996
Newspaper New.002
The Straits Times: When Lions Bob to Music 1996
Newspaper New.001
联合早报: Children Music Workshop 1996