A strong readiness program through fun & active movement games with parental involvement to enhance gross and fine motor skills

Learning Content

An exciting, creative & systematic approach to keyboard playing, learn-through-play with Solfege singing, movement, rhythm, percussion, etc. Program includes:
• Ball games
• Keyboard playing
• Music notation (flash cards, fishing games, sorting games & memory games)
• Carl Orff instruments
• Solfege Kodaly hand signs
• Interesting and fun singing activities
• Developing listening skills
• Solfege singing
• Dalcroze movement


KeySteps Activities:

• Keyboard skill
• Interactive reading method
• Small class size of 5
• Music note reading
• Solfege Singing
• Carl Orff instrument
• Instrument session: Eye Hands Coordination
• Active Parental Involvement
• Hand bells Playing
• Mind-map training: Singing


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