MusiKinder ArtSkool Studio Policies

1. Students are to arrive punctually for lessons. Absence without prior notice / valid reason will not be accepted. No food and drinks are allowed in all studios.


2. All lesson schedules are generally not alterable – NO replacement for any lesson missed due to student’s absence or any cases like catastrophe, last-minute government-declared public holiday of some dire importance or emergency or any other circumstances which are beyond the control of the Skool. However, the instructor will replace the lesson if he/she cancels it.


3. All lesson fees are to be paid in full during the 1st calendar week for each new term even if replacement lessons are yet to be given (in the case of individual lessons). Fee paid after the first 14th day of any term will subject to a penalty fee of $10 and thereafter – $20 after the 21st of the paying term (inclusive of dishonored cheque or delayed bank transfer). The Skool reserves the right to refuse lesson whilst fee is not fully paid. Any student wishes to suspend (KIV) lessons (maximum SIX months) requires application & that his/her deposit shall be forfeited automatically after the said peiod if he/she fails to resume classes with or without any reminder given from the Skool.


4. One-month deposit of the lesson fee and registration fee are required for all regular lessons – new or returning students alike. All fees paid are not transferable nor refundable even if he/she stops coming for lesson in the middle of the term. Prorated fees (when deemed necessary by The Skool Management) are only applicable to the student’s 1st month of admission.


5. Whilst intending to terminate lesson, student must (except in the case of expulsion) submit the duly completed Withdrawal Form to the Skool at least one (1) full month before the 1st day of the terminating term failing which he/she is liable to pay one term’s fee plus the full month deposit being forfeited except on special medical grounds. Material borrowed from or belonging to the Skool (eg. CDs or Redemption Tokens) must be returned in whole before the full month deposit could be refunded.


6. Adjustment(s) of fees may occur with the promotion to the next level of learning – usually after course completion or the internal and external music examination periods and subject to the sole discretion of The Skool Management.


7. Skool Student Handbook / Lesson Card and / or Skool Calendar must be brought along every lesson. Any replacement of this material will incur a replacement cost.


8. Any revision of the Studio Policies and all other updated information which supersedes all previous respective related notices will be posted on the Skool’s notice board or website. It is the full responsibility of the students / parents to read them.


9. For each academic calendar year, (a) every music student has 46 learning sessions including 42 regular lessons with 3 class / performance) hours and 1 annual concert whilst (b) each art student has 42 regular lessons and 1 annual art event.Besides, when students are chosen to participate in any other special event of performance, exhibition or competition, they are not allowed to opt out after consents have been given by their parents. Attendance is greatly encouraged for all students to help support any other special event organised by the Skool. Please refer to the Skool’s online web notices / newsletters for the latest updates on all Skool’s activities.

As a matter of respect, The Skool Director’s opinion must first be sought before private enrolment for any art / music competition or music examination (practical / theory – related to the Skool music course attending) is done or before attending any other art &/or music lesson / course / seminar / workshop / lecture / master class (given & conducted by other institutions / centres / studios / instructors) so as to prevent any possible conflict of interest or incidence of misunderstanding.


10. Refusal / failure to abide by these Studio Policies or comply to all rules and regulations laid out by The Skool Management or show / practice of disrespect in any kind to any staff of the Skool may result in the immediate expulsion of the student.


Specifically For Music Students

1. Photocopies of music scores or theory materials are not allowed to be used in the studios unless they are the backup copies of the originals one owns & possessed.


2. Individual music lessons – students who wish to alter lesson schedules, may seek to swap timings with their peers learning under the same instructor (who must be informed in advance). The student is strongly advised to attend lessons regularly.